🟣paraUSD Token

To mint paraUSDs using fiat, please contact us via fi@parabol.fi

Parabol’s inaugural stablecoin (paraUSD) is structured as an asset-reference token issued out of the European Union. paraUSD can be acquired by any non-sanctioned wallet address through DEX / CEX or minted directly by parties that have completed Know Your Customer (KYC) or Know Your Business (KYB) processes.

  1. paraUSD is an ERC-20, asset-referenced token that is pegged 1-1 to the US Dollar

  2. paraUSD provides permanent redemption right to their holders, that would entitle them to request from the issuer the redemption of the asset-referenced token at any moment.

  3. paraUSDs are 100% backed by maturity matched T-Bills or overnight repo markets.

  4. Reserve assets are held in a segregated account separate from Parabol Labs' corporate assets.

Wallets not subject to OFAC sanctions and located outside of restricted territories are eligible to access paraUSD via decentralized exchanges (DEXes) or centralized exchanges (CEXes).

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